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What is the UX Assessment?

Summary Overview

We conduct a comprehensive UX assessment in which we play the role of customer/user/prospect and experience the product as they would, aligning to their objectives and needs.

Granular Scoring

How intuitive is the product? Are you getting your end user to value as quickly as they expect? What does the experience say about the credibility of your brand? We take a magnifying glass to these areas and others in our assessment.

Detail and Recommendations

We don't just call out problems, we identify insights and suggestions that you and your team can act on immediately to build a world-class experience.

How does it work?

  1. Discovery Call

Meet with us for 45-60 minutes to discuss your product, business, workflow, persona for this workflow and the objectives behind the UX.

  1. Provide Access

Provide our team the necessary access (if relevant) to work through the assessment.

  1. Conduct Evaluation

The team will work on the experience, mapping out steps, making notes and ultimately formulating the assessment.

  1. Review Results

Reconvene to review the results, recommendations and answer any questions the team might have. Note: You will be provided the assessment before this meeting.

Happy Clients

"Once we saw the results, we couldn't unsee them. We now consider these results an urgent matter for our company."
- Kerri, Founder/CPO